The Farm Bill became one of the most important and popular legal reforms of 2018 after President Trump signed the Farm Bill yesterday. The $867 billion bill, officially titled as the ‘Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018’, was highly anticipated due to important agriculture legislation that includes an increased restriction on SNAP or food stamps, and the legalization of hemp. Trump was happy about the decision to provide aid to U.S. farmers while rejecting the SNAP restrictions proposed by some House Republicans.

Praising congressional Democrats for their hard work for the bill, he remarked, “We have to take care of our farmers and ranchers, and we will take care of them”. He was excited about the Farm Bill and fifteen minutes before signing the bill, the President also tweeted his video performing the “Green Acres” theme song at the Emmys a few years ago. This is what the tweet looked like.

The Importance of Farm Bill

The passing of the Farm Bill is what most farmers had been waiting for. Empowering farmers, the bill looks to provide funding and resources to farmers that were hurt by the trade war with China. This bipartisan success was an essential step not only for the farmers but also for the food stamp recipients. The Farm Bill is important as it is a step that will ensure that American agriculture will always be relevant to feed the citizens, nourish all the communities, empower the economy and inspire us as a nation.

The Farm Bill was also important for millions of food stamp recipients, and an initiative to move the non-working class from dependence to independence. Another section that was hugely influenced by the Farm Bill is that of CBD users who could not avail or has doubts about the legality of CBD as it is now legal federally.

Important Provisions of The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is no more than a blessing for the farmers in the US. It also holds important provisions for hemp manufacturers and users alike. Some of the most important provisions of the Farm Bill are:

  • SNAP restricted to able-bodied persons between ages 18-49 to promote the idea of ‘productivity’ over ‘poverty’.
  • Employs Farm safety net programs
  • Enhances federal crop insurance
  • Promotes rural development like the expansion of high-speed internet access
  • Legalizes Hemp
  • Promotes agriculture research initiatives and specialty and organic farming
  • Benefits dairy producers
  • Prevents animal and crop diseases
  • Funds animal health initiatives
  • Enabled creation of a vaccine bank for diseases like foot-and-mouth
  • Prohibits dog and cat slaughter

How People Are Reacting To The Farm Bill

Not only from Trump, tweets from all over the country flown in numbers after the signing of the Farm Bill. Even his wife IvankaTrump tweeted from her official account.

Some of the other tweets that circulated on Twitter after the signing of the Farm Bill include,

Senator Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota also expressed happiness for the Farm Bill.

Rolling Stone also expressed their happiness on the revival of hemp and the great potential it holds for the future

Vice President Mike Pence also appreciated the Farm Bill pointing out the fact that it was the first time since 1990 that a farm bill was introduced and passed in the same year by.

We Won’t Starve also expressed their happiness on the revival of hemp and the great potential it holds for the future.

The signing of the Farm Bill has come out as a symbol of rural power and Trump’s effective administration. People are really happy about it, especially the part which legalizes hemp.

Terahemp“Industrial hemp is now legal in the U.S”

Are you happy with the changes that Farm Bill holds for our nation? If yes, then show your support in the comments below.

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