The quadriceps are a group of muscles located in the front part of your thighs. Quadriceps consists of four muscles which help in jumping, kicking, and running. Quadriceps Strain is caused by the acute stretch of muscles, quadriceps strain injury is most common in athletes who are active in different sports like football, rugby, and basketball.

In this article, you will read more about quadriceps strain injuries and how CBD is helping in reducing the symptoms of a quadriceps strain.

Quadriceps Strain Injury: Insight

CBD For Quadriceps Strain
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The most common injury which affects quadriceps is a bruise. It is caused by a blow to the anterior thigh. In this, some of your blood vessels of quadriceps get damaged and bleed. If there is continuous bleeding then it can result in a chronic condition like compartment syndrome.

When your quadriceps muscle gets strained due to overstretching and sudden movement of pressure then it is known as quadriceps strain injury. Quadriceps strain occurs near the muscles joints and tendons where tissue connects each other.

The strain on muscles is categorized by the intensity of injury which is listed under Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. In Grade 1 muscle fibers are just stretched out they are not torn. You will suffer pain and inflammation in Grade 1 injury. In Grade 2 injury muscles are torn and extensive damage is done in the muscle fibers. Grade 2 injury leads to inflammation and swelling in the affected area. Grade 3 injury is the most painful condition in which muscles are completely torn.

Quadriceps Strain Injury: Symptoms

The most common symptoms are pain and tenderness, you may also feel limited movement. The other symptoms which you may observe in Quadriceps Strain Injury are as follows,

  1. Difficulty in walking, standing, bending and running.
  2. Painful conditions which get severe with the time
  3. Difficulty in normal leg movements
  4. Redness in the affected area

CBD & Quadriceps Strain

CBD is a chemical compound which is found in different strains of the hemp plant. CBD is extracted through different process like dry ice extraction, olive oil extraction, CO2 extraction, and ethanol extraction method. CO2 is the safest method to extract CBD oil. CBD oil has zero strain of THC which makes it useful for the medical industry. CBD has anti-inflammation & anti-pain properties which help in reducing the symptoms of Quadriceps Strain. You can also use CBD for reducing the symptoms of cancer, anxiety, depression, bipolar, insomnia and many more.

Pain caused by a quadriceps strain can affect your daily lifestyle. Intense pain can stop you from performing normal activities. Use of CBD oil can help in reducing the level of pain, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing inflammation. The pain from the quadriceps strain can cause sleeping difficulty. Using CBD can improve your sleep and it will calm your body too. Use of CBD also boosts bone healing cells, which helps in fast recovery of your bone.

Other treatments for Quadriceps Strain


Rest prevents your injury from getting worse, you should also stop sports activities. If you have Grade 1 injury then one week of bed rest can reduce your symptoms of strain.

Use Ice

Place ice between thin fabric or ice pack, gently keep rubbing it over the affected area for 20 minutes. It will reduce pain and swelling.

Use elevated posture

Keep your leg in elevated position, it will limit the movement of your leg and it will boost the healing process.

Guide to buy CBD

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Final Thoughts On CBD For Quadriceps Strain

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